The Soul’s Conspiracy: Master Conflict, Transform Your Life (Set of 10 Wholesale)

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Join in this soul-full adventure and step into congruence with your spiritual nature as you see the many ways your soul challenges you to go beyond the limitations of your yesterday self. The Soul’s Conspiracy will prepare you to transcend your point of view and move to a Point of Purpose. Learn how to find and move from your inner center, a place of harmony, balance, grace and peace, and discover your innate capacity to be with challenging situations without feeling diminished or overwhelmed.

Praise for The Soul’s Conspiracy

“Embracing conflict in a centered way takes courage and skill because you are always reaching for higher ground.  It is a lifetime endeavor, and Gary Simmons is an inspiring guide.”
– Thomas Crum, author of The Magic of Conflict, Journey to Center and Three Deep Breaths

The first in a series of Mini-Books to be released by the Q Effect, this gem of a book can be read in less than 2 hours. Perfect for spiritual seekers on the go who want rich teachings delivered in a clear and concise way!

The Soul’s Conspiracy takes you to the undercover world in which the Soul operates. Here, in your dark and conflict-filled moments, your soul reveals what it has always known about you and calls you into a greater expression of your magnificence. Meet this powerful ally and understand how it conspires through surprising means to pull you ever more toward it.

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